About me

My name is Maria. I am married to good man and mother of two wonderful children. By education I am a linguist. And I have always loved books and the acquisition of knowledge. I was really surprised when I discovered the natural parenting ways. I didn't know too much about them. They changed my life as a mother. I am really satisfied and happy with motherhood since I know how to follow my desires and my children' needs I know how much natural parenting can change you because it didnโ€™t come to me initially. I also know how much we need it. I am ready to support women that want to find their own power and self-confidence. That is what I am for.

I come from Poland, country of contradictions. Motherhood is seen as sacrosanct but at the same time it is so hard to get a help with real problems. Respect and intimacy for family during the childbirth or professional (free of charge) support are milestones we are yet to reach. Thanks to my roots I know how important it is to have someone to share, and empathise with you experience; and also help with everyday activities during the, sometimes difficult, early hours and days after birth. When I found out about the existence of the doula profession and I met few of them personally I knew its the most beautiful 'job' and for sure the most needed in the world...

When I first moved to London, I started to walk my Doula way. โ€จAfter a three month course, I became a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. Since volunteering I have come to support many mums and their babies which has given me an insight to the common worries and needs local mothers have with breastfeeding. It has been a joy aiding mothers to overcome these issues. Breastfeeding, a seemingly natural and obvious action, sometimes causes many doubts. Our society is dominated by artificial feeding of infants, so much so, seeing a mother nursing her baby in public can be a quite rare occurrence. I believe a change is needed, and this is the time to do it. I would very much like to be apart of that change, I am here to encourage and empower women to feed their infants the way nature intended.

As a doula I have been trained by Michel Odent, a brilliant doctor from France, and world-renowned specialist in natural births. Michel and his assistant, Liliana Lammers, both with powerful knowledge, experience and empathy, opened my eyes and heart. I learnt that we have to believe in non-violent childbirths, and the eternal wisdom of human body. We should restore faith to the public and to young parents. That's what I see my role as...I aim to facilitate your journey along the path to the birth you want, and help you overcome and manage your fears, so that you go into the birth experience as well equipped as possible