Birth doula

650 pounds (plus transport costs to a max. of 20 pounds).

I will be at your disposal as early as 2 weeks before your due date (I prefer to call it ‘guess date’!). I am happy to offer unlimited phone and online chats (Facebook, Skype) – if you want to share anything, I will listen and try to help in case of any doubts. When you ask me to come to your labor, I will do as soon as possible- usually it doesn’t take me more than 90 minutes. I will bring a special massage oil (I blend them myself), hot water bottle and a little bag with cherry stones, perfect for applying and soothing the abdomen during contractions. I will massage your back or will show your partner how to do it efficiently, when those ‘lower back contractions’ seem to be very bad. I will look after you so you can eat, drink and take a bath whenever you want. I will help you get dressed and pack when it’s a time to go to hospital. If necessary, I will secure any positions you want to assume during contractions or pushing stage. Whatever you need, I will do. You are the most important actor in this performance and the second one is your baby. So I will support all your decisions, never questioning them. I will speak to you in ‘human language’, when some medical ways of speaking will be hard to understand, especially at such an emotional stage in which you and your partner will be during labor. And when your baby is born, I can stay by your side, with simple advice about how to care for your baby, or breastfeeding. But I deeply believe you will not need them - your instinct and innate wisdom will tell you what is the best option. Then I will only make sure you have everything you need to celebrate your treasure’s birth. You can enjoy this moment with your partner, I can look after the rest- make some food, take pictures, walk the dog, feed the older siblings, clean the house or bring some groceries… I will do my best to make the space safe and joyful. Because I know you and your family deserve it.