The birth of your dreams

As a mum-to-be you have probably been thinking about what your labour will look like. 
You want to feel safe at this special time. You would like your family's initimacy respected. 
You want your physiological needs to be tended to at all times. This is what every woman wants. 
Labour does not need to be a painful experience full of fear. 
You probably don't need all of the routine interventions recommended by medical staff. 
The birth of your child can be one of the most beautiful moments of your life. It can give you self confidence and a real sense of personal power.

The most important point is to surround yourself with people who are mentally and emotionally close to you and are able to support and protect you and your baby. It could be your mother, partner, friend or qualified doula. The doula's job is providing useful company during childbirth. What is more, the doula takes care of of the whole family. She remebers about water, food, all the "little” things that sometimes disappear in the rush of emotions but they are still important to make life easier. The doula reassures the mother giving birth that she is not alone and there is someone who also wants her childbirth to be ideal.

To create the best chance for the birth of your dreams it is worth writing a birth plan beforehand. Share this with the people who will be responsible for your care during labour. It doesn't matter if it is to be a planned (for medical reasons) cesarean section or an all natural homebirth - you have the right to expect that the consultants and midwives will respect your wishes. It also doesn't matter what your wishes are - as a Doula I am open to all kinds of suggestions, birth dreams, concerns even and I offer my services in helping you write your birth plan. Sometimes a good birth plan is the key that can open a seemingly locked door. You don't have to prise it open - together we can go to the other side without fear or violence.